Month / November, 2020

catching up…

You’d think that for someone like me in food media, keeping up with my own blog or social media would be a priority, but life comes at us all pretty fast and furious these days. I love what I do – I just don’t have enough time to document it often enough.

Like everyone else, when the pandemic hit, I quickly had to pivot. My Tufts University food media class moved onto the Zoom platform in March, and I was so impressed at how resilient my students were, taking this scary new world order in stride.

On a lighter side, they shifted to cover the newly emerging pandemic food trends like dalgona coffee and sour dough bread. As they moved home or out of dorms, they also pivoted on their final projects I was blown away by the work they produced in May. You can read more about it here. I’m grateful to our guest speakers who joined us on Zoom and were able to help us process what was going on in the industry in real time. We lost some class time with the transition and unfortunately had too little time to truly tackle some of the harder issues that food media has been grappling with, especially since the spring. I’m looking forward to teaching the class again in January 2021 and digging in.

Meanwhile, I’m teaching two Zoom cooking classes in the next month. I will let you know how those go…. and if you are looking for terrific virtual kids cooking classes, check out the incredibly talented Jill Santopietro’s cooking classes here. Stay well + Stay safe!