I'm a culinary producer for television shows, a food stylist, food writer, culinary instructor, recipe developer and recipe tester. Occasionally, I've been known to e even cook dinner for my family.

My Latest Boston Globe Article

Two new firsts for me – my first time styling the photo for my own Globe Magazine piece (click on the photo). Plus an original video for each recipe thanks to the Globe’s very talented video crew, Anush Elbakyan, Emily Zendt, and Dana Sinerate. If you watch all 5 videos, you get a prize or at least a peppermint swizzle stick!

Happy Four Prunes Day!

What – not a soul on the internet is celebrating today’s national food holiday and obviously trending hashtag, #fourprunesday ? Scroll down to my last recipe and you can make a delish dessert with prunes, other dried fruit and sherry and soon you won’t be able to count to four (just kidding, the alcohol burns off!).

Food styling 101…

It was so inspiring to guest lecture at Boston University’s Gastronomy program last spring in Clara Silverstein’s food writing class. I got so busy that I never had a chance to post the results of the challenge we gave her students. They each got the same basic ingredients and after a lecture on food styling, had a chance to apply what they learned to set up their own shots. It’s fun to see the diverse, inventive set-ups and perspectives each student selected.

Snow storm-worthy liège waffles

It only took three New England snow storms to finally nail those yeasty, caramelized, rich liège waffles! They get their sugar coating from Belgian pearl sugar that’s folded in after bulk proofing. These waffles have been making the scene in major cities and on ski slopes at $5 a pop. Here’s the recipe I used.  I ordered my Lars Own Pearl Sugar on line, but hear you can chop up sugar cubes as a substitute.


Because growing zombies should make balanced food choices too!

photo 1So proud of the amazing art work our girls did for our hometown’s Halloween window painting contest. Thought I’d post some shots, especially since one is a twisted twist on one of my favorite images when it comes to educating little ones about making good food choices. The simplicity of the realUnknown ChooseMyPlate graphic makes it so easy to teach kids about healthy eating, especially when compared to an earlier version like this (which reminds me of the ancient Trivial Pursuit playing pieces). Our older daughter’s painting reminds me that I’ve neglected my ALS donation (smaller because I plunged, but promised none the less!) Just corrected that….do it now if you’ve forgotten too!
photo 5